About me

Marie-Anne, coach and doula

I’m a third culture kid, born in France to Polish and Czech parents, and brought up in the UK and Uganda. After years of moving around, I’m consciously growing roots in the Charente-Maritime region of France.

My professional journey is as colourful and varied as my geographical one. I spent 10 years in the digital world, first as a UX writer and manager in corporate. Following a spectacular burnout, I decided to create my own business as an independent consultant and coach, allowing me to define my own rythm and boundaries.

In my coaching practice, initially focused on UX career paths, more and more of my clients were grappling with the delicate balance and changes in identity that come with parenthood. I decided to train as a doula to expand my practice, and in doing so discovered the passion for birth that my mum had transmitted to me early on.

My practice today is a fusion of these varied and enriching experiences.


I believe that we are all constantly learning and developing ourselves, whether it be through education or life experience. It’s very important to me that I expand my more formal knowledge on a regular basis, so I commit to furthering my education whenever I decide to integrate a new subject I’m passionate about into my practice.

I’m in no terms an expert on all subjects, and choose to refer my clients to trusted specialists whenever the need arises.

My years of experience in the corporate world, especially as a manager in an ‘Agile’ tech environment, gave me a lot of useful tools that I often integrate into my practice. I do not mention those trainings here since it would make a pretty long list, but you’re welcome to ask me questions about my approach and experience if you’d like to know more.

Here are the certifications and trainings directly linked to my doula practice:

MOE Foundation - Association for Coaching

Certified coach

Couleur Plume

Supporting perinatal grief

L'Ecole internationale d'accompagnement Cybèle

Doula and perinatal coach certification
In-person training

Ecole du Rebozo - Virginie Derobe

Rebozo ritual practitioner
Rebozo practitioner

Paramana Doula - Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers

Paramana Doula course